About Frenk

Frenk Fiore ~ Francesco Fiore β€” is an entrepreneur and digital product expert with a background in user experience, technology, and e-commerce.


πŸ‘‰ I recently sold SKIN Platform and my tech company and joined Triboo Group as Chief Technological Officer and CEO of Triboo Technologies. We manage more then 60+ E-Commerce with 100M+ Yearly Revenues

πŸ‘‰ I recently launched my Youtube channel to share my experience with performance, technology, and management.

  • Blink Travel funded by TechFounder Accelerator Program 2018 ( Munich )
    Selected as 1 of 8 startups with over 1200 applications
  • Blink Travel App featured by Apple on the App Store in 105 countries August 2019
    Blink Travel App featured by Apple on the App Store in 16 countries in 2018
  • Invited as Speaker at Mobility Hub 2018 ( Munich )
  • Voted Product Hunt Top 5 with Blink Travel - 2018
  • Invited as Vodafone Hackathon Mentor 2016
  • Invited as Google User Experience Mentor at Google LaunchPad Week Milan 2016
  • Invited as Speaker at ConvComp 2016 Milano ( Slides )
  • Won Vodafone Hackathon 2015
  • EXPOAdvisor hits 1.5 Million users in a few months in 2015
  • See! app featured by Apple on the App Store 2013
  • Terre di Leragrim hits 2K Active users in 2008

Where did it start?

I began coding at 13 and launched my first web application at 15. I then formalized my design skills with a Master's in Visual Design from Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan.

I worked with startups and corporations throughout my career to bring digital projects from concept to market. I am passionate about design process management and implementing measurable, data-driven processes from the beginning of a project. With over 15 years of coding experience, I love collaborating with engineers and developers to build the technology behind a product.

I share My Journey Uncovering AI's Impact on Business Growth on my YouTube Channel and this blog, subscribe and join the newsletter πŸš€